Sunday, January 22, 2012

CS4 and Snow Leopard

I know this is a weird post for my blog, but this is for everyone out there troubleshooting their problems.

I was plagued by CS4's consistent crashing on my MacBook Pro, intel core. I had crash problems with the following actions: moving layers up or down by dragging; selection on a layer; trying to enter text. These were the solutions I attempted while searching the net:
1. bootup in 64 bit (holding down '6' and '4' keys while booting) - didn't work
2. booting up in safe mode (holding down shift key while booting), then reboot. Didn't work. I could use CS4 in safe mode, but who wants to switch back and forth all day?
3. Turn off file sharing. Delete anything listed in the Shared Folders section. Turn File Sharing back on. Log out, then Log back in - didn't work
4. In Photoshop, select Preferences->Performance, deselect 'Enable Open GL Drawing'. That did the trick.

I can now do all the above actions in 32 bit mode.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Seeds Festival 2012

Applications are online for the second annual New Seeds Festival!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Seeds Festival

Well, I have to say, I knew it was going to be a juggernaut to produce a festival, and I am definitely in the hurricane. My days off are 12 hour days between advertising, marketing, logistics, etc. We had a great show Saturday morning on Soul Talk. Thanks to Jeremy, Justin and Vickey Lynn for a wonderful time. This morning it was Sheila Kirsten-Hughes and the TSP on Studio 10. What an amazing performance there! Next week, it will be onto Grassroots Groove, and another segment on Studio 10 and setting up the live remote for v109fm. We've had amazing responses from both sponsors and table rentals. Can't thank all the people who have come out in support of the festival--it is really touching to me all the support I have had from all--Jeremy, Justin, Karen, Mandy, James and Dawn--don't kill me if I'm forgetting your name, I will realize it as soon as I post, but thanks to everyone--this bodes so well for our first and finest women's festival!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Play New Way Pt 2

Well, I have to say, I finished another draft and I seriously need feedback before I do another. Very dark matter, so I'm wondering if the appeal will be to the most depressed segment of the population. Looking at the bright side, maybe there's a lot of depressed people out there...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Screenplay Analysis an analysis back from Bluecat. Gotta say, I really liked the analyses. On a scale of 1-10, both judges gave me an 8 for dialogue--yeay! Now if I could only get an 8 on theme, subplot... :-) Although I disagreed with some of the critiques, overall I felt the criticisms were valid points that I need to work on. Thank you, Bluecat!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Seeds Festival 2011

We have an amazing lineup!

Sheila Kirsten Hughes and the TSP Orchestra
Tampa Bay Ballet
Artist Block
Leslie and Company
Front Street Dance
Robin Savage
Blue Scarf Collective
Rebecca Levy Dance
Sign of Da Times

Tickets: $25 advance/$30 door
Ticket Phone: 877.238.5596 ext 1, 212 868 4444
Fest web:

Come see smart, socially relevant theatre, dance, comedy, and spoken word!

New Play New Way

Well, I have just completed my first draft of my most current play, and I have to say, it was quite an experience. I felt like I was jumping off a bridge. Twenty hours in two days. (After six months of development). I developed it with a different technique, basically you could call it an 'organic' technique. As I wrote the draft, one of the great things was that I knew the characters were moving seamlessly from one moment to the next, so I was extremely happy about that. I do feel, however, that you need to have some form to a script--otherwise you will have no rising action and the audience will not be on the edge of their seats. But I also felt that some subjects you treat will not lend themselves to a clean 'crisis-resolve' ending. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not interested in writing something that goes nowhere unless that is a theme in the play. After all, none of us really knows if we're going anywhere, it's just what we choose to think. Thoughts?